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Hype Buzz energy drink can.

Buzz: Hype Energy’s answer to the mundane

Born out of Hype Energy’s commitment to hacking the algorithm and going where others don’t dare to, Buzz represents a delicious break from adulthood. It embodies the spirit of rebellion against the ordinary. No nostalgia, just a present moment filled with exciting possibilities and brimming with life. With each sip, you’re not just tasting an out-of-this-world blend of flavours; you’re embracing a lifestyle that questions the status quo and pushes boundaries.

Formula E 2023 season.

Hype Energy Drinks returns to the paddock to energise the Nissan Formula E Team

This partnership brings together Hype Energy’s expertise in delivering sustained energy and Nissan’s relentless pursuit of excellence in electric racing. By working closely together, we aim to create a winning synergy combining the best of both worlds – top-tier racing performance with the exhilarating energy boost only Hype Energy can provide.

Skateboarder does figure.

Hack Your Perception of Energy

Free from society’s pressure to perform in a specific way. It’s all about having fun and enjoying every moment as much as possible.  

A skater throw up to the air an energy drinks can.

Hype Energy launch in Spain for those who live to the fullest!

Continuing  with the expansion through Europe, Hype energy drinks has now arrived to the Spanish market. We are now offering its three most iconic products. The MFP, MFP Sugar Free and last but not least Twisted Tropical, revolutionising the energy drinks offering in the traditional Spanish market. 

Kim Kardashian.

Hype Energy Enlite Celebrates 11 Years of existence

The flavour can be described as a mild raspberry note in a very light, easy to drink beverage, further linking its identity as a weightless, on the go drink that delivers optimal energy with a reduced level of calories.

Three variants of Hype Energy Sport drinks.

New Product Range: Hype Active

Renowned for our iconic energy drinks product line, Hype Drinks stands as a functional beverages company at its core.