Hype Drinks’  new product range focuses on isotonic beverages. 

Renowned for our iconic energy drinks product line, Hype Drinks stands as a functional beverages company at its core. Our primary objective lies in the development of innovative products within both existing and newly created beverage categories.

Our latest launch reveals a first step in a new category, isotonic beverages. . Introducing the remarkable “Hype Active” range, we present three enticing flavors: Berry, Tropical, and Citric.

Crafting these flavors involved a blend of various juices, carefully calibrated to ensure a juice content of no more than 3%. This process has enabled us to create low-calorie sports drinks, boasting a mere 18kcal per 100ml.

Hype Active was created with one objective in mind: efficient hydration.

Three pieces of Hype Energy Sport drinks
Three Hype Energy Sport drinks in a decorative image with basketball players outdoors on a subtropical background.



The 3 products all contain essential B vitamins and natural electrolytes to provide consumers an optimal replenishment of fluids before, during and after exercise. 
Furthermore, a special emphasis was made on the bottle design and shape. The intent was to reflect healthy body curves achieved through daily exercise and active hydration.
Also, the Hype Active products contains no artificial coloring and are fully recyclable.


Isotonic Drinks

The purpose of isotonic drinks is to quickly replace fluids and electrolytes lost through exercise. The drinks hydrate with an optimal mix of water, minerals and nutrients. 
Isotonic drinks have a similar concentration of salt and sugar as present in the human body, which is resulting in efficient hydration when needed.

Furthermore, they prevent dehydration and strengthening fluid retention, isotonic drinks have proven to boost endurance. Therefore they allow athletes to continue high intensity exercise up to 24% longer than those who do not consume isotonic beverages.

Hype Drinks will be rolling the new range out to key markets across Europe and other regions in the near future.