From its conception in 2009 until today, Enlite made a name for itself within the industry by targeting a specific cosmopolitan lifestyle inspired by the American way of life.

Hype energy drinks cans
Four piece of hype energy drinks cans in pink colour.

Since then, Enlite went through diverse optimisation from its recipe to its flashy design, in order to stay updated on current trends and remain an “out of the ordinary” product.

The flavour can be described as a mild raspberry note in a very light, easy to drink beverage, further linking its identity as a weightless, on the go drink that delivers optimal energy with a reduced level of calories.

Kim Kardashian with Hype
Kim Kardashian hold an Enlite Hype Energy Drink in the hand.

Enlite made its way among the elite circles as it was picked up and endorsed by global media personality Kim Kardashian. As the product started its global positioning, it was evident that its recipe needed to adapt to recent market trends.

Green herbs.
A piece of green herbs.

Enlite is  sweetened with Stevia, and still holds the same unique flavour admired by its trusted consumer base.