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Hype Energy + Epsilon eSports: Season 2

Epsilon have some of the best teams on the globe participating in a range of games such as: Call of Duty: Infinite Warefare, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, FIFA17 and Battlefield1.

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Limited Edition Sahara Force India Hype Energy Drink

For the second year running, Hype Energy have been a main sponsor of one of the top teams in Formula 1. The energy drinks company decided it was time to release an original limited edition can dedicated to their F1 partners.

Big portfolio of the Hype Energy Drinks.

Hype Energy to become the main sponsor of new eSports talent

Less than a year ago, they signed a mildly known Swedish Counter Strike Global Offensive team whose global ranking was at over 200. Only a few months after signing up with Epsilon eSports, they made it into the top 20 in the world by winning almost every single game they played in this year!

Big portfolio of the Hype Energy Drinks.

Brand New Hype Energy Racing Trio in Egypt

“Rev it Up Competition” is one of the most successful and popular events on the Egypt drifting scene. Hype Energy’s racing team have proudly participated in it for the first time.