Continuing  with the expansion through Europe, Hype energy drinks has now arrived to the Spanish market. We are now offering its three most iconic products. The MFP, MFP Sugar Free and last but not least Twisted Tropical, revolutionising the energy drinks offering in the traditional Spanish market.  We’re delivering carefully-crafted flavours, revisiting the country’s popular taste profiles.

We have had proven success in other markets positioning Hype Energy Drinks in multiple different countries. Now the Spanish population can now enjoy three different variety of refreshing drinks this summer!

Distribution has started nationwide, currently available for traditional, convenient & corner stores.

Throughout the launch, consumers will be able to see Hype Energy on all digital platforms. We will actively promote a national campaign, aiming to honour those who always have energy and never give up.

Campaign promotions will be supported by multiple influencers, who share the same values close to our identity. That is showing a “Hyper” demeanour & attitude, helping everyday people with an adventurous spirit, and an independent vision as to what living life with energy is all about.

Attractive prizes will be given away through social media throughout the entire campaign. Also, more information will be available through a quick scan of the QR codes placed on Hype Energy cans.

Look out for it, and scan away for product information, ongoing consumer promotions and more!