Hack The Algorithm with Hype Drinks 


In a world where everyone seems to be doing the same things, taking the same pictures from the same places, it seems harder than ever to stand out and be authentic enough to define your own freedom…

At Hype Drinks, we value the mindset of making up your own rules to enjoy your own freedom. 

Free from society’s pressure to perform in a specific way. It’s all about having fun and enjoying every moment as much as possible.  

We encourage you to #HackTheAlgorithm by doing things differently. Adding your own twist to every day tasks and letting your inner-self shine!

You will #HackTheAlgorithm finding your day-to-day hacks to stand out. Unlock that raw creativity and help you think beyond what is known! 



Hype Studios Logo

As a company, we challenge the traditional meaning of Energy across our different product categories in order to offer you the perfect products for specific consumption moments throughout the day.

(Yes, we also have CBD Products available!) 


So how does it all come together?


We developed HYPE STUDIOS, a content creation hub based in Madrid  for creators to be able to express themselves without any filter. To bring their wildest projects to life, all while having fun throughout the process! 

The Hype Studio will embrace this new positioning, showing the versatility of our functional categories by hacking the perception of what an energy drink brand should stand for.

We aren’t defined by just one category, in fact our identity is established through our diverse product offering. We like to remain informed on beverage trends, and jump on the opportunity to develop new product categories.

And you? Are you ready to #HackTheAlgorithm? 


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