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Buzz: Hype Energy’s answer to the mundane

Born out of Hype Energy’s commitment to hacking the algorithm and going where others don’t dare to, Buzz represents a delicious break from adulthood. It embodies the spirit of rebellion against the ordinary. No nostalgia, just a present moment filled with exciting possibilities and brimming with life. With each sip, you’re not just tasting an out-of-this-world blend of flavours; you’re embracing a lifestyle that questions the status quo and pushes boundaries.

Formula E 2023 season.

Hype Energy Drinks returns to the paddock to energise the Nissan Formula E Team

This partnership brings together Hype Energy’s expertise in delivering sustained energy and Nissan’s relentless pursuit of excellence in electric racing. By working closely together, we aim to create a winning synergy combining the best of both worlds – top-tier racing performance with the exhilarating energy boost only Hype Energy can provide.

Skateboarder does figure.

Hack Your Perception of Energy

Free from society’s pressure to perform in a specific way. It’s all about having fun and enjoying every moment as much as possible.