Hype Energy is proud to announce its latest esports sponsorship, joining forces with Oscaro Esports by SDL!

The team, boasting world-class talent in F1 Esports and other motorsport gaming, is a formidable force in sim racing. In 2018, they are powered by Hype Energy’s premium energy drinks. Hype Energy’s sponsorship strengthens the connection between motorsports and esports.

Car racing team posing on the trackKevin Leaune (centre right) alongside fellow competitors at the eROC, including F1 Esports Series 2017 Champion Brenden Leigh (right).

Established in 2006, SDL esports, now Oscaro Esports by SDL, has risen as a successful European sim racing organization. With eight Project Cars World Championship wins, they boast the experience and talent for global competition.

With eight World Championship victories on Project Cars, Oscaro Esports have both the experience and the talent to compete at a global level.

Here is the current composition of the organisation:

  • 4 Pro Drivers in the F1 Esports Series playing F1 2017.
  • 3 Pro Drivers in Project Cars.
  • 7 Pro Drivers in WTCC.
  • T2 Pro Drivers in WRC 7.

Kévin “SoniK” Leaune – Hype Energy Gaming Ambassador

Winning driver on the podium.Kévin Leaune joins the Hype Energy ambassador line-up as an official gaming ambassador.

Kévin Leaune found his passion for gaming through car simulators, co-founding SDL esports and competing as a driver and Team Manager. He became the first French F1 console champion in 2010 and joined the Project CARS World Championship as SoniK in 2015.

After winning the first Project CARS World Championship, Kévin Leaune shifted to team management, securing 4 more World Championship titles.

Hype Energy formalized its partnership with Kévin at the Race of Champions in Riyadh in February 2018. Kévin participated in the inaugural eRace of Champions, placing 3rd alongside Brendon Leigh, Enzo Bonito, Alexander Dornieden, and Rudy van Buren.

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Hype Energy MFP: #MadeForPlayers.

Car racing helmet.Hype Energy Gaming Ambassador Kevin Leaune’s Helmet with the Hype Energy logo at the Race of Champions (ROC), 2018