Hype Energy To Partner With Apex Online Racing In 2018 for the ‘AOR HYPE ENERGY F1 LEAGUE’

Hype Energy enthusiastically collaborated with Apex Online Racing in 2018. Together, they aim to provide abundant F1 and motorsports gaming content to the esports community.
As official partners of the Sahara Force India F1 team, Hype Energy actively engages in the world of motorsports. They also sponsor F1 and motorsports-based esports team Oscaro Esports by SDL. This showcases their commitment to uniting the extraordinary realms of F1 and gaming. With the Formula 1 Esports series starting its first full season this year, motorsports gaming is sure to make waves in 2018 – and the AOR Hype Energy F1 League will be the place to be.

Esports Champion Brendon Leigh2017 F1 Esports Champion Brendon Leigh in the AOR Hype Energy F1 League

Motorsports Gaming with AOR

Apex Online Racing, or AOR, is an online eRacing league organised and managed at www.apexonlineracing.com which will be entering its 15th consecutive season. With professional commentary and a fiercely competitive league, you can watch the full races on the AOR YouTube Channel. AOR takes place across the biggest motorsports gaming titles, including:
– F1 2017
– Project Cars 2
– rFactor 2
– iRacing

YouTube F1 gaming star TiametmardukThe AOR Hype Energy F1 League takes place on XB1 and PS4, split across different regions. YouTube F1 gaming star Tiametmarduk (Benjamin Daly) also takes part in the Oceania F1 2017 League.

Managed by Dan Hawkins, multiple AOR Leagues take place across different regions and different titles. Famous faces, including 2017 F1 Esports winner Brendon Leigh and YouTuber Tiametmarduk  (check out his Abu Dhabi vlog with Hype Energy here) participate in the championship along with many other drivers who competed in the inaugural 2017 F1 Esports final.
With so much talent and leagues for all the major motorsports gaming titles, there’s never been a better time to enjoy online racing.

Champion Brendon Leigh2017 F1 Esports World Champion Brendon Leigh, playing F1 2017 in the AOR League, wins the Abu Dhabi GP at the Yas Marina Circuit.

AOR Powered by Hype Energy

Hype Energy will become the title sponsor of the league, which will see it renamed to ‘AOR Hype Energy F1 League’. Hype Energy will be providing their premium energy drinks line up to all the team to give them maximum energy from lights out to the chequered flag.
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