East Africa is getting hyped: Kenya has joined the Hype Energy family

Posted on 20/04/2015

Prepare yourself East Africa! The Hype is spreading! After dominating Djibouti, we are now ready for Kenya!

The Hype Energy Drinks team welcome Kenya to the global project we are building closely with our distributors all around the world. We are looking forward to seeing how the Kenyan people enjoy our variety of drinks. 

Thanks to our distributor Shaamey Enterprises, East Africa is going to get Hyped! Have a look at the range of Hype Energy Drinks that will be available in the major corners of the country very soon.

Now Available in KENYA inline

Oh and Uganda... You’re next! Stay tuned, we have a lot to say to you! Follow us on...  

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Mohammad Reza Golzar becomes our new Hype Energy Drinks Ambassador

Posted on 13/04/2015

If you are talking about the best, Mohammad Reza Golzar is who you’re talking about, Persia’s number one Superstar. His name is known all over the world because of his looks, his acting, music and movies. He does it all. From being nominated in the Berlinale film awards to winning girls’ hearts all over the world.

MRG is one of the 5 most known Persians in the world!

He started his career in the music business as the main guitarist of the famous “Arian” band. Stepping up his game he performed on stage as the drummer of the rock band “Darkoob”. But Mohammad Reza Golzar wanted more. Deciding that the time has come for him to create his own music band called “Rezzar”, his singles reached as far as the top music charts in the world.

Mohammad Reza Golzar is not only a great actor and musician, he also spends his time modeling and doing sports on a professional level. Recently he acquired a recognized professional ski certificate and has played in one of the national pro league volleyball teams whereafter he experienced a league coach position in 2012. Besides being sporty, good looking and charismatic, MRG also has the mind for success. Finish 6th in a national pre-university exam and studying Mechanical engineering at Tehran University.

MRG shows us that he knows what he’s doing. Born in 1977, this highly qualified superhuman has chosen to be Hype Energy's one and only ambassador for Persia. You’ve tried the rest, now welcome the best.

hype iran actor colour2 website


Sergio Perez Facts & Figures Infographics: 2015 Formula One Season

Posted on 08/04/2015

The 2015 Formula One Season is here! In Hype Energy we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to review some facts and figures from our favorite drivers in the grid.

After an amazing performance of the Sahara Force India Formula One Team in the first race of the season –what a great Australian Grand Prix!- and the hard fight in the Malaysian GP, we have made an infographics about one of the best drivers in the competition: Sergio “Checo” Perez. Check it out!

sergio perez info


Have a look at Nico Hulkenberg’s infographics too.

Nico Hulkenberg Facts & Figures Infographics: 2015 Formula One Season

Posted on 08/04/2015

After the first 2 races of the 2015 Formula One Season in Hype Energy we wanted to review some facts and figures from our favorite drivers in the grid.

This is the case of Nico Hulkenberg, who finished the Australian GP in the 7th position and fought hard in the Malaysian GP to reach the 13th. These are some facts and figures extracted from one of our favorite drivers:

nico hulkenberg info


Have a look at Sergio Perez’s infographics too.

How much caffeine does a can of Hype Energy contain?

Posted on 31/03/2015

A can of 250 ml of Hype Energy drinks contains 80 mg of caffeine, about the same as a cup of coffee.

Caffeine is a substance naturally found in certain plants. It is a central nervous system stimulant and a diuretic. It does not accumulate in the blood or stored in the body. It may be used for relief of fatigue or drowsiness.

Caffeine is widely consumed and is found naturally in the leaves, seeds and fruits of more than 60 plants, including tea leaves, cola nuts, coffee and cocoa beans.

It is also found in processed foods:

  • Regular Coffee: 65-120 mg per cup 
  • Black Tea: 14-60 mg per cup 
  • Dark Chocolate: 18-123 mg in a 100 g bar 
  • Most Colas: (unless labeled "caffeine"): 40-60 mg per cup 
  • Cocoa beverages: 5-35 mg per cup 
  • Energy Drinks: 40-100 mg per serving

In the case of Hype Energy Drinks, each 250ml can contains 80mg of caffeine which is, approximately, as much caffeine as a cup of coffee or even less depending on the size of the cup or the type of coffee.

What’s the difference then between having a cup of coffee or a can of Hype Energy?

There are many differences between a Hype Energy drink and a cup of coffee. If you are interested, continue reading…


All the information of this article was taken from the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation

Differences between a Hype Energy drink and a cup of coffee

Posted on 31/03/2015

A can of 250 ml Hype Energy Drink contains 80 mg of caffeine, about the same as a cup of coffee.

Apart from caffeine to keep you going, a Hype Energy drink contains much more components. It is carefully processed with a number of vitamins (B, C, E), Taurine, sugar and natural flavoring between other ingredients.

A regular can (250 ml) of Hype Energy Drink contains about the same caffeine as a cup of coffee (80 mg) but packs double the punch! Unlike coffee, Hype Energy drinks have a refreshing taste that don’t leave any bad aftertaste! Moreover, Hype's energy drinks contain natural ingredients that don't discolor your teeth.

Another big difference is the Hype Energy Drinks variety, Hype allows consumers to choose up to 4 different flavors to satisfy your every desire!

  • Hype Energy UP: radical berry flavour with cool mint aftertaste.
  • MFP, MFP Zero Max and the pocket-sized Hype Energy Shot: original tutti-frutti flavor with totally different characteristics in each one of them. 
  • Hype Energy Enlite: flowery tutti-frutti flavour with a hint of vanilla. Want the extra energy in the morning, but not that extra sugar? Hype Energy has the 9 kcal Enlite to fit your needs. 
  • And the new branded Hype Energy Mojito. Hungover from last night? Drink a Hype mojito and start your day the way you ended it! But without the alcohol… 100% mojito flavor / 0% alcohol.


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Calendar F1 2015

Posted on 27/03/2015

1 Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne) 15 March
2 Malaysian Grand Prix (Sepang) 29 March
3 Chinese Grand Prix (Shanghai) 12 April
4 Bahrain Grand Prix (Sakhir) 19 April
5 Spanish Grand Prix (Barcelona) 10 May
6 Monaco Grand Prix (Monte Carlo) 24 May
7 Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal) 7 June
8 Austrian Grand Prix (Spielberg) 21 June
9 British Grand Prix (Silverstone) 5 July
10 Hungarian Grand Prix (Budapest) 26 July
11 Belgian Grand Prix (Spa-Francorchamps) 23 August
12 Italian Grand Prix (Monza) 6 September
13 Singapore Grand Prix (Marina Bay) 20 September
14 Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka) 27 September
15 Russian Grand Prix (Sochi) 11 October
16 United States Grand Prix (Austin) 25 October
17 Mexican Grand Prix (Mexico City) 1 November
18 Brazilian Grand Prix (Interlagos) 15 November
19 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Yas Marina) 29 November


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Hype Energy Drinks will be available in Uganda very soon

Posted on 24/03/2015

Hype Energy Drinks, in association with SOURCING & DISTRIBUTION NETWORK, are arriving to Uganda very soon.

Mr. Abdirizak Isak, Co-founder and Managing Director at SDN declared: “We are very excited because of the agreement with Hype Energy Drinks. We deal in sourcing and distributing all types of fast moving consumer goods and we can also assist in the rest of East African countries, where we are looking forward to see Hype Energy soon.”

The Hype Energy Drinks team welcome Uganda to the global project we are building closely with our distributors all around the world. We are looking forward to seeing how the Ugandan people enjoy our variety of drinks. 

Stay tuned, we have a lot to say to you! Follow us on...

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L HS Revision2 01 

Mr. Abdirizak Isak
Plot 100 Masaka Road. Nolukolongo Natete.
PO Box 11923 Kampala, Uganda
Tel. +256 794 953 415
email: abdirizak.isak@gmail.com

Hype Energy Mojito: lose yourself in the taste of summer

Posted on 18/03/2015

Lose yourself in the taste of summer! Feel the energy and the powerful beats of the mojito flavors rushing through you.

Hype Energy Mojito is the brand new flavor by Hype Energy drinks, a magic beverage with a real taste of mojito but without the alcohol. The mix of mint and lime flavor give the drink its refreshing summer taste.

One sip and you’ll realize that you are holding summer, in a can. The Hype team came together and decided that it was time for an energy drink that could bring the summer to you. That’s why our flavor team traveled to figure out what drink could best represent summer. After long and tiring days at the beach, they finally came home with a recipe that will be the Hype this summer!

You will recognize Hype Energy Mojito by its unmistakable fluorescent green color. It is a flavored carbonated energy drink that has no preservatives. It contains 5 vitamins, taurine and caffeine that make it an awesome and healthy energy drink… our brand new summer flavor!! 

Sun, beach, friends, a breeze… Lose yourself in the taste of summer! 100% Mojito 0% Alcohol! Let’s Hype this party!

hype energy mojito website

Hype Energy Drinks begins a partnership with Sahara Force India F1 Team

Posted on 12/03/2015


The team led by Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez will show the Hype Energy branding on the VJM08 car and on the drivers’ suits.

Hype Energy drinks is pleased to announce the beginning of a partnership with Sahara Force India, a Formula One racing team based in Silverstone, United Kingdom. Hype Energy branding will appear on the side pod wing of the team’s 2015 car, the VJM08, as well as on the drivers’ suits.

Sahara Force India Formula One Team is led by Indian businessman Vijay Mallya. Under his guardianship, the team has emerged as a competitive force capable of taking the fight to the biggest names in the sport. Last year was the team’s most successful season to date with a podium finish in Bahrain and a record 155 points scored. . For the 2015 season the team retains one of the most exciting driver line-ups on the grid with Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez driving the VJM08.

Hype Energy was one of the first energy drinks on the market in 1994. Originally launched by the founder of Hard Rock Café, the brand is now owned by former Formula One driver, Bertrand Gachot. Under his leadership, Hype Energy has built a strong global network to become a leading lifestyle drink. Hype products are now available in over 45 countries worldwide.

Bertrand Gachot, CEO of Hype Energy: “I am very proud and excited about our new partnership with Sahara Force India; I am proud for Hype Energy drinks to sponsor the team I used to race with over 20 years ago! I loved working with its team members and I’m thrilled to meet them again. I’m also excited because Hype has a long history in motor-sports and lifestyle sponsorship. As the team’s supplier of Energy drinks over the last three years, this is a natural progression of our business collaboration.”

Dr Vijay Mallya, Team Principal and Managing Director of Sahara Force India: “I am delighted to welcome Hype Energy as our latest partner on the eve of the new season. It’s a dynamic and exciting brand that is a good fit with our team image and Formula One as a whole. The global appeal of the sport will provide Hype with a strong platform to continue building its global network and we look forward to a successful partnership.”

Find further information at F1i.com

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