We all have a dark side
What's yours?

Daring, unique, mischievous, non-conventional, trendy. That’s Hype Energy’s bold new flavor AfterDark.

AfterDark skull
Afterdark ingredients

Cinnamon Syndrome 45C
Limited Edition

We brainstormed, produced, and fine tuned this drink 45 times until we got the perfect patent. Sweet and spicy mix of cinnamon and pepper. That’s a bold creation of art you’ll want to keep sipping on.

As the sun sets,
the party begins

As the day winds down, AfterDark will ramp up your night. It’s 1:00am already? One sip of cinnamon syndrome and you’ll be back at it again.

AfterDark party
AfterDark fancy

The right drink
The right place
The right crew

AfterDark is only for the most exclusive bars, clubs, parties and closest friends.

Limited Edition
Energy Drink.

Something this bold, stylish and unique isn’t for the masses. It’s daring cinnamon kick will bring you warmth, happiness and pleasure.

Afterdark diamonds


To get the best out of AfterDark flavor, we created some cocktails you can easily do at home or ask your bartender.

[Click for recipes]

Put fire to
your dark side

One sip over ice and your parties just begun. Mix your passions, even the dark ones.

Hype Energy Afterdark