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whistler lakeview

Get the skinny on summer snowboarding in Whistler from Hype Energy snowboard gal, Tawnya Schultz... Whistler Resort. A world-renown destination that should be on everyone's bucket list. Mix some of the best mountains to snowboard on in the world with insane nightlife, and Whistler is an ultimate destination for any adventure seeker. Home to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler has you dialled year round. Enjoy riding through the summer on the Glacier, where snowboarders of all ages can sign up for camp, dial in their skills, and get a full experience of all Whistler has to offer. World-class mountain biking and hiking is great for those who are into the active lifestyle as well. And for individuals seeking relaxation, Whistler's spas will send you into sheer bliss. Whatever it is you are looking for, surround yourself in the inspiring landscape of Whistler, BC and you'll be dying to come back for more.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Vancouver and take a shuttle or pick up a rental car to drive a few hours into Whistler.

LODGING: While there are endless lodging options in and around Whistler, stay in the heart of the Whistler Village for easy access to all amenities. Here are a few recommendations.

Adara Hotel: Kick it in the lap of luxury at the Adara Hotel. Enjoy epic views from your room and relax next to the fireplace all surrounded by chic decor, You'll be truly taken care of at the Adara. It's even pet-friendly. www.adarahotel.com 1-866-502-3272

Crystal Lodge and Suites: Throw stones to the Village (actually don't) if you wanted to, right in the mix of it all at the Crystal Lodge. Attached to three restaurants, two coffee shops, and a variety of shopping, Crystal Lodge lends easy access, with a simple and clean vibe, to make you feel like you're in the comforts of home. www.crystal-lodge.com. 1-800-667-3363

DINING: Sushi Village: It's all the rage and a great hang out spot to meet locals.

Bavaria Restaurant: Explore your inner Euro, grab a pint, and indulge in a schnitzel. Yum.

NIGHTLIFE: The Champagne Lounge. If you like vodka, or even if you don't stop by the Champagne Lounge for an experience unlike any other in the sub-zero Belvedere Ice Room.

Garfinkel's Club aka Garf's: If you like to dance and party the night away, head to Garf's, it's always a good time!

For everything Whistler and to book a vaca, visit www.whistlerblackcomb.com. It's time.

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