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I really enjoy Hype's drinks, and have been looking forward to Hype MFP, a carbon fibered souped up  version of their line. If there were spoilers and big plastic chrome rims made for energy drinks Hype MFP would be the ones sporting the bling. If I was ever caught racing a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII through the streets of Tokyo, this is the drink I would want to have in my custom cup holder. Everything about this drink screams speed. One thing I was not quite able to figure out is the MFP part of the name.  Mind you, I am not very good at acronyms - which probably explains why I hate txtspeak oh so very much.  Either take the 3 seconds to actually write the damn thing out or dont bother saying it at all.  I am not saying that I am not full of grammatical errors and mistakes, but at least all of those are unintentional.

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