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Posted by Alby on | 0 Comments

Wow! I had a fantastic ten days in Gran Canaria. Great wind nearly every day – it is really one of my favourite places to train and somewhere I could seriously consider living. I always get a bit sad when I have to leave GC and all my friends there. This time though I wasn’t quite so sad though as I knew that I was moving on to another little spot I know – Brazil. After a quick stopover at home in Italy to pick up a few things and change a bit of equipment I headed off to Rome to get the plane to Fortaleza. There wasn’t much wind when I arrived, but you never have to wait too long here for the right conditions to get out and start doing some serious tricks and get everything toned up and perfected.
From Brazil, I’ll be heading straight to Venezuela for the next leg of the PKRA World. It’s a really important stage for me as I want to make sure that I keep up my recent form, and who knows, even stand on the very top of the podium.
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