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hype energy sponsors paul lizzi

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Paul Lizzi's debut single Drum Luvin' and MOTH are out now - along with the newest release #LASTFOREVER! Paul Lizzi is on the cusp of his 4th video and single shot in Australia called " Inspirational" due to release in early 2012.  With a stick in one hand and a mic in the other, Lizzi has skyrocketed to the "Top 50 most popular musicians in Canada" on YouTube with over 34,000 subscribers in just 9 months!


Considered to be the first artist in "House" as a drummer-vocalist, Paul uses his mad skills, which he began honing at the age of 5 taught by talented drummer/teacher named Vince DiZazzo (drum lessons available here) and vocal coach, Louise Yard.

This has led to many shows around the world with other artists until finally Lizzi started banging out musical art in the form of mash ups and heart-pumping beats. His "Mash Up Tour" in 2008 helped land him a European MTV award and a Much Music Video Award nomination for his work with Karl Wolf on "Africa",


His creative mash-ups of popular songs have lead to international acclaim in Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. And his debut single "Drum Luvin'", released in 2010 as part of another tour, showcases his talent as an artist in the wide whimsical world of House music, using his voice as a second instrument of expression. Australia has been a huge succes for his #LastForever tour in 2011.


Due to his success in the music world and his passion for putting the musician back into music, he has picked up some serious sponsors, like Hype Energy Drinks, Loft Hotel, Epic Meal Time, Harley-Davidson, Bitchin' Kitchen and AlertPay.com.


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