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hype energy snowboarding update

Posted by Tawnya on | 0 Comments

Hype's official snowboarding guru, Tawnya Schultz, gives the low down on the latest and greatest talents to watch. Here's her take on Jamie Anderson (left).

Jamie Anderson is some kind of prodigy. Born and raised in South Lake Tahoe, she is a one-of-a-kind powerhouse, and quite possibly the best female snowboarder in the world right now. At the ripe age of 21, Jamie's accomplishments far exceed those of most male riders, let alone female. After being awarded Female Rider of the Year by both TransWorld SNOWboarding and Snowboarder Magazine in 2009, not to mention the youngest winner ever, Jamie has continued to show the world why all the hype isn't just a fluke. During the 2011/2012 season Jamie had her best year yet, standing atop every podium, including Winter X Games, The US Open and European Open of Snowboarding, The Oakley Arctic Challenge, and was crowned the overall Ticket To Ride Series World Champion. This has been Jamie's untouchable year.


With plenty of cash in her pocket and prizes including cars, cameras, and phones, the craziest thing about it all is Jamie's lack of sponsors. She hasn't signed a board contract (although she's been riding a GNU board for some time) and was recently dropped from Electric Visual, her eyewear sponsor that has honored her with her own signature series goggles for years. It's mind-boggling why or how this is even possible, yet if you know Jamie, you'll realise maybe it doesn't matter too much to her. She does what she wants and is one of the hardest working snowboarders on the scene. Her stoke and smile says it all.


Jamie's genuine demeanor and laid-back attitude came through during the US Open of Snowboarding in Stratton, Vermont in March. Even though she had a bruised tailbone and could hardly walk, oh, and had just won the slopestyle event earlier that day, she contemplated competing in the nighttime rail jam. She insisted she must go because, "it will be fun and I was invited so I want to at least check it out. If I'm not feeling it, I just won't do it." It's not like she had anything to prove and that wasn't the point. The fact that she was invited was the reason she wanted to go. Even Jamie Anderson feels privileged.


Almost always rocking a Bob Marley tee, Jamie's mellow and fun style seems to influence other male and female snowboarders alike. In mid April, Jamie held a park session at Sierra-at-Tahoe, her home mountain, invited a crew of the best females in snowboarding and hit features in a hand-built, private park dialled out to Jamie's specifications. While Jamie was set on attempting and landing a 900 on a big jump (the first in female history), fellow shredder Spencer O'Brien decided to try them too. All while a few of Jamie's select guy friends encouraged and gave pointers to her and Spencer. While neither landed (although Jamie did almost land a 1080 instead) the fact that she wants to progress and does it with such class is something to be noted. 


With the debut of Slopestyle in the 2014 Winter Olympics there is no doubt Jamie Anderson may add another notch on her belt of snowboard greatness. She's definitely one to watch.

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