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how to speak capoeira

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With the IV festival of capoeira coming up in Marbella, Spain, we thought it was time to gen up on this ancient sport, starting with the lingo. Hang around a capoeira crew for long and you will soon start picking up on some pretty funky terminology that you'll have to get to grips with before you can consider yourself an expert. Capoeira is originally from Brazil so you'll need to brush up on your Portuguese and get your head (as well as your tongue) around words such as ginga, golpe berimbau and bamba. Here are the essential terms that we'll be using to bluff our way through the capoeira festival in Marbella next week:

Roda - the circle formed by a capoeira group

Ginga - the basic capoeira movement of alternate back lunges to each side

Mestre - master/teacher

Bimba - the father of modern capoeira

Pastinha - a great Angola capoeira master

Berimbau - the main musical instrument used in Capoeira

Pandieros - another important instrument, similar to a tambourine

Angola - traditional style of Capoeira

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