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alberto rondina 4th place pkra in china

Posted by ALBERTO RONDINA on | 0 Comments

The whole event was a really great experience for me. As well as the competition the social side of things was really great and I had a real good time with my dad too! I was disappointed that the doubles event had to be cancelled as I was pretty mad at the judges after the singles, who were giving, in my opinion, too many points for the high stuff. And even though I landed the very first Moby Dick 5 in a competition it wasn't enough for me to get the third place!

I had a similar issue with in Venezuela, but as they say, the judges decision is final! And because of the poor conditions on the final day when we should have been running the doubles I wasn't able to get higher up in the event and ended up fourth with Kevin Langaree getting closer to me in the overall rankings.
The setting for the competition was really interesting and the people there were brilliant. The only thing I had trouble getting to grips with was the food! Next time I'll take a pack of piadina! Ha!

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