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Hype Energy Drinks

Hype Energy was one of the first energy drinks to hit the market way back in 1994. Originally launched by Hard Rock Café founder Barry Fox, Hype Energy became heavily involved in motor-sport by first sponsoring the Arrows Formula One team and subsequently Benetton F1, Williams F1, a NASCAR outfit and several motorbike teams. Associated with the Formula One party lifestyle and with a strong presence in the paddock, Hype Energy committed huge funds to sponsorship in order to achieve global recognition and establish worldwide distribution.

In 1997, former Formula One racing driver and 24 Hours of Le Mans winner, Bertrand Gachot, signed a distribution agreement with Hype Energy in order to introduce the product to France. Gachot was one of a handful of distributors who remained seriously committed to the brand and in 1998 he approached the Swiss licensor to buy the company holding the Hype Energy trademarks.

In May 2000, after two years of negotiation, Gachot came to an agreement and restructured the company. Until 2000 Hype Energy had four products in its portfolio: Hype MFP with a strawberry and cranberry flavour, Hype Energy Morning Rush with a citrus flavour, Hype Passion Attack with passion fruit and Hype Night Boost with peach.

In May 2000, the company launched a new version of Hype Energy into selected markets. The culmination of 18 months of development, Hype Energy now used fresh fruit juice, contained ten vitamins and had no artificial colours or preservatives, as it was pasteurised. The improved Hype Energy product gave the company a substantial boost.

It was first launched in France and the Persian Gulf, then the USA and Canada, and by 2001 it had achieved significant global growth. Today, the Hype Energy drink range comprises Hype Energy, Hype Energy MFP, the zero-calorie Hype Energy MFP Zero Max, the low-calorie Hype Energy Enlite, Hype Energy Shots and, the newest flavour, Hype Energy Up.

The brand is now present in more than 40 countries across the globe from the USA, Canada, Honduras and Panama to Africa and the Middle East. Hype Energy is manufactured in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands, and has marketing headquarters in Europe and Dubai.

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