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team manick canada

team manick coming back in 2013


Their mission is "GO FAST", their name is derived from a noun meaning "excessive, excitement or enthusiasm", these are all the ingredients of Team Manick’s recipe for success this year and Hype Energy are right behind them giving them all the energy and focus they need.

Follow their journey with us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hypeenergydrinks


Team Manick is a group of like-minded enthusiasts brought together by a common desire to reach the highest level in motorsport. Team Manick takes part in multiple disciplines with specialized cars for each. Driver and Lead Fabricator Nick Narini pilots his Subaru Impreza in the Canadian Rally Championship. Co Driver and Wiring Specialist, Massimo Narini pilots his V8 Volvo in the DMCC and CSCS drift championships.

Team Manick reached it's rally peak in 2010, winning the OPRC Championship. 2011 proved to be a difficult season plagued with mechanical problems, but we pushed through to a 2nd place overall finish in the OPRC. Taking the 2012 season off to regroup, rethink, and rebuild, we're coming back in 2013 with lofty goals and looking for success!


Nicola Narini - Driver, Lead Fabricator

Massimo Narini - Co-Driver, Wiring Specialist

Carl Holland - Crew Chief, Lead Design Engineer

Alex Torrance - Mechanic, Social Media Director

Daniel Turner - Mechanic, Wiring Specialist


2010 OPRC Champions
2011 OPRC 2nd overall