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sri lanka break record

sri lanka team break record!


Hype Energy Sri Lanka Breaks Race Record at Mahagastota!


The Sir Lankan Hype Energy motorsport team set a new record time on 7th April at the 2nd oldest Speed Hill Climb in the world, in Mahagastota. Driver Darin set a new record time of 34.34s beating the course record of 35.57s set 9 years ago by Mr Rohan De Silva in a Formula Ford. The Hype Energy Subaru is the only car to ever beat the Formulas.


This is not the only race the Sri Lankan Hype Energy team have competed in. In Feb 2013 they took part in another Hill climb in Matara and were placed second overall.


At the 2012 Night Race Hype took pole position and held the lead until the last lap after a small collision put them out of the race.


For the 2013 Colombo Night race Hype race team driver Darin was the only Sri Lankan driver chosen to drive in the international event. They will be taking part in the Hype Nissan GTR against famous drivers who will be driving Porsche and Lamborghini cars.


Watch this space for updates!