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muzique non stop

muzique non stop 80s with hype energy


A tribute to a totally unique decade of over indulgent tackiness. Valley girls, leg warmers, gommies, big hair, bandanas, pinned jeans and seriously awesome music from every genre.


Join us at this private affair on:

Friday March 16th, 2012. Where your prized ticket will grant you access to witness break dancing at its finest, the Art of Vogue. Rockin' Rockabilly's Mad Squads, Alternative "Cult" Members, Jet Black Hair, Eyeliner, and Classic House Music from the years where it all began.

Beats by B&B > Benn and Billy

Two different rooms, offering execptional memories in full creation. Tickets are available only pre-sale...



Josh Silver at: 514.777.1676 and/or josh@hype.com

Billy Alfonso at: 514.561.6969 and/or djb123@gmail.com