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krokmiten heavy metal band

krokmiten teaming up with hype energy


With fusing energy and extreme music in mind, Krokmiten and Hype Energy Drinks are happy to team up!

"We consume and enjoy their product on a regular basis, it provides the edge sometimes needed in the process of making heavy music..."

Here's to a strong and lasting relationship!

KROKMITËN is an experimental heavy metal band from Montréal, Canada.
In the early 90's, Simlev and Mathz and a couple of friends, formed KROKMITËN inspired by various elements in metal music.
They recorded two demos and played gigs in and around the Montreal area. Soon, each band member had to deal with their respective life obligations, and a lenghty hiatus ensued.

Read more about Krokmiten and download their latest tracks and videos here: http://www.krokmiten.com/home/