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maximum energy zero calories

launched! our zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs energy drink


Hype Energy Drink - Zero MAX

We have launched an amazing new 'Zero' flavour, the perfect mix for those seeking a maximum power boost but without sugar, carbs or calories! Hype Energy MFP Zero Max retains all of the great flavour of Hype's bestseller "MFP" plus it contains five vitamins, guarana and taurine to help stimulate your senses and increase your levels of endurance and concentration.*

The MFP Zero Max is the 7th addition to HYPE Energy's exciting range of energy drinks that are all made with premium ingredients and are free from artificial colourings and preservatives.

"MFP Zero Max" will be available in Canada from July 2013 in 473ml cans.

Hype Energy Drink - Zero MAX