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enlite ice cream

hype energy enlite ice cream


Want to get cool energy? Why don't you try our Hype Energy Enlite Ice cream*!

Easy preparation and delicious :-)


500mL Hype Energy Enlite (2 cans)

150g condensed milk

200ml double cream


1) Mix the ENLITE with the condensed milk.

2) Whip the double cream and add it to the mixture.

3) Put the mix in the freezer for an hour and then take it out and stir gently and put back back in the freezer.

4) Repeat step 3 until the mixture is completely frozen solid.

Alternatively if you have your own icecream machine then feel free to use it instead of doing steps 3 & 4!

Please eat responsibly! Food fights allowed.

* this recipe is not suitable for children