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why distribute hype energy?

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Become a strategic partner

Thank you for your interest in Hype Energy drinks. We are constantly adding new countries to our worldwide distribution network and expanding into new territories – making our brand one of the most dynamic energy drink labels on the global market. We are always looking for potential new distributors who share our vision and ambition – Hype Energy could not be where it is today, or where it wants to be in the future, without the collaboration of our strategic partners around the world.

We believe in building strong, long-lasting relationships that will help our business and your business grow. Hype Energy is all about team-work and we are here to help with all your sales, marketing and communication requirements.

We have a proactive and creative sales and marketing team in place at the Hype Energy headquarters where we are always on hand to respond to your requests. 

Potential distributor criteria

If this describes your company please contact us:

• Do you have previous experience working in the drinks industry?

• Do you have a logistics and sales force in place?

• Do you have a solid distribution network in place?


Our partners

Just check out what our current partners have to say about us:

“Working with Hype Energy Drinks has been a wonderful & enriching experience for us at Unique Food Canada over the past 12 years! Hype Energy has been presented in Canada as a lifestyle brand spreading good, positive energy wherever it goes. It is very reassuring for us to see the strength and innovation of the brand constantly growing around the globe! Our market can really feel the impact of Hype Energy as a global player, and not just another "backyard" brand.” - Josh Silver, Hype Canada.

“Working with Hype Energy over the years has been a tremendous journey for us at United Holdings, Sri Lanka. Hype Energy has been introduced as a premium energy drink brand in Sri Lanka, and has been getting great feedback from all around the country.

 Not only has Hype Energy provided us with the best energy drink, working with the Hype team has been great. They are always there to assist us with logistics and marketing support, especially the innovative design team that provides great bespoke marketing creations.  

It’s fantastic to see Hype Energy’s rapid international growth, with clear international brand recognition and direction.

We are looking forward to a great year for Hype Energy here in Sri Lanka.” Shehan Perera, United Holdings, Sri Lanka.


What people say

And it’s not just our partners who have great things to say. We are confident in the quality of our product and this is reflected in the great reviews we get from bloggers and energy drinks reviewers on the Internet. Here are some recent comments:

• “Hype energy is one the best drinks I've ever tried.” – Fabio Perreira, www.youtube.com/EnergyDrinkLuxemburg

• “I was expecting a Red Bull clone, but fortunately Hype is so much more than that.” – Avery Hage, www.thesodajerks.net

• “Cool thing about Hype is that it tastes good with mixed drinks. I mixed one with vodka and a little bit of lime and it was great. I will give the Hype Energy Drink review for taste a pleasant 9.5 out of 10 just because it mixed so nicely with my drink!” – Justin, http://energy-drink-ratings.blogspot.com

• “Overall, we like it a lot – good looking and a formula that one can actually consume quite easily”. – Bevnet rating 4/5. http://www.bevnet.com


distribute hype energy

for more information please call:


contact hype energy

head office:

Hype Energy

601 JBC 2 tower,

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE

tel: +971 4 44 35 627

email: info@hype.com


marketing europe:

Hype Energy

Centro de negocios Puerta de banus, Bloque E, ofi.38-44

Camino del angel S/N

29660 Nueva Andalucia, Spain

tel:+34 952 813 050

email: info@hype.com

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