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hype energy review: TT energy drinks-tests


This review from came from Tomas in the Czech Republic.


hype energy shot review: energy produkte tester

energydrinkluxemburg hype energy organic video review

hype energy review: thesodajerks.net


Needless to say, I couldn’t wait any longer and simply had to take a few sips. I must admit, I was expecting a Red Bull clone, but fortunately Hype is so much more than that. Yes, it does have that same tartness that Red Bull has, but the flavor is actually an indescribable mixture of berries.....


hype energy MFP review: ADDICTED 2 ENERGY


There are very few energy drinks that I have wanted to try for years. One of them is Hype, and fortunately for me, a little miracle occurred a week ago. I received a generous email from Hype notifying me about samples. I instantaneously jumped on board and accepted the samples. When it arrived the mail, I was absolutely flabbergasted by the impeccable product display. Each can was placed in its own little section, in a beautiful and elegant black box. The first flavor I pulled out was Hype MFP. So, without further ado, let's get right into the taste......


energydrinkblog.de hype energy drinks review


Die Tage wurden wir mit einem Päckchen überrascht. Inhalt waren diverse Drinks der Marke Hype Energy. Wie man uns mitgeteilt hat, ist geplant Hype Energy innerhalb der nächsten Monate in Deutschland einzuführen und wir dürfen schon vorab die Getränke testen. Da sagen wir selbstverständlich nicht nein...


hype energy reviews from energy-drinks.cz


Co se vám vybaví, když se řekne Hype? Překladů má tohle slovo několik, já jej nepřekládám vůbec, protože hype říkám jakmile je něco opravdu „bomba“. Jestli tak i po Česku označím Hype Energy Drink se teprve dozvíte. První pokus o hype přišel už ve chvíli, kdy jsme obdrželi vzorky na test z britské centrály, která se nachází na Gibraltaru… ve Španělsku :) V balíčku dorazily všechny 4 plechovkové verze a tak jsme je řádně ochutnali.


hype energy drinks energydrinksblog review


Hype Energy Drink Review: How’d they score the hype.com domain is a good question. How’d they score on our EDB rating? is a better question. Short answer: this is good stuff.......


energyfiend.com hype energy drinks review


When I received the line of Hype drinks, I was expecting another Red Bull clone. I was rather surprised at the variety this line has. Hype comes in four varieties: Regular, MFP, Enlite, and Organic.


hype energy enlite review


Well it has been quite some time since I had the opportunity to review a Hype Energy Drink but the last one I reviewed, Hype MFP was more than pleasing. So today I am going to give the Hype Enlite a try and see if it holds up to the high standards of the rest of the lineup. Now I may not be Hype Enlite's target audience as the 8 ounce can is pink and seems to be targeted at the female gender, but I am going to give it a try anyways. Besides having only 25 calories for the entire can will give me a break from the normal 100-200 calorie Energy Drinks that I normally have. This beverage also seems to support breast cancer awareness through youth projects. Well enough fluff and onto the review......


hype energy MFP energy drink review


Alright after reviewing the original Hype Energy Drink I was fortunate enough to hear about the new Hype MFP Energy Drink. The can gets a sweet looking face lift, but stays at 8.4 ounces. The price stays relatively the same at around $1.99 per can, or you have the option of buying in bulk at $34.99 for a case of 24! The Hype MFP Energy drink website states that the new Hype MFP is the most powerful beverage that they have produced to date. Let's see if it can hold up to these claims as I gave the original Hype a kick rating of 9 because of the substantial amount of caffeine packed into the slim can (9.52 mg/ounce). On to the review!.......


energy drink ratings


Alright Hype Energy drink has been around for awhile but this is the first time I am going to try it. Other than the can itself not standing out much I picked this basically for the price. The Hype Energy drink was only $1.49 for an 8.3 ounce can, which is basically a $0.50 savings. Yeah, it does not sound like much except when you are a poor college student who could use that for laundry, or better yet to go out and have two beers on Wednesday's $0.25 tappers night. Well enough babbling, on to the review....


hype energy drink: hype energy X2


BevNET Review: We've always liked Hype's light berry-citrus flavor and now that it has been put in a 16 oz can, we figured it's time to take another look. Using a formula that contains fruit juice and is sweetened with sugar, Hype X2 has the same great cotton candy-like taste as the original.....



Top 13 Energydrinks - by Wir Probieren

Hype Energy Organic rated as the 5th best product by Wir Probieren!

Enlite review by thirstydudes.com

What we have here is a better tasting than most diet energy drinks. I would say that it is actually borderline diet. It still has regular sugar in it, but it’s not as much as the regular version. Replacing it is some sucralose, but the mixture of the sweeteners doesn’t give it the diet death taste. It’s still sweet and candy like, as your typical energy drinks are, with just a hint of a diet flavor to it. There is nothing particularly surprising about this. It tastes like an energy drink, but just a little bit better than other diet ones I have had.

ps. The pink can is a little bit too obvious for a diet drink. Come on Hype, you have to have a better marketing team than that.


Hype Organic im Test – Idealistisch und Nachhaltig

Wie die anderen Energy-Drinks von Hype, wird auch der Hype Organic in den Niederlanden produziert. Das Besondere am Hype Organic ist, dass es sich um einen reinen Bio-Drink handelt, der bereits auch das EU-Bio-Logo auf seiner Dose tragen darf. Dies ist ein Qualitätsmerkmal....Ein Getränk mit Bio-Zuckerrohrsaft zu süßen ist mit Sicherheit deutlich aufwendiger und teurer als das Süßen mit herkömmlichen Haushaltszucker; letztendlich aber schonender und nachhaltiger...Letztendlich bekommt der Hype Organic, als ein erfrischend idealistisches Produkt eines weltweit relevanten Unternehmens von mir die vollen 5 von 5 Punkte.

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