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Hype UP - Berry Mix chutná, chladivý mentol ani ne


Nový Hype UP Berry Mix with Ice Cool Mint, jak by mohl znít jeho plný název, byl oficiálně představen na konci února v Dubaji. No my máme to štěstí, že jsme jej mohli jen pár dní poté ochutnat. Původní Hype energy drinky nejsou vůbec špatné, přinejmenším to aspoň nejsou jen další klasické nápoje. Přesně v tom duchu pokračuje i Hype UP, který navíc nabízí chladivý mentolový efekt, podobně jako dřívější limitovaný Mixxed up Ice z Lidlu.


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Hype Energy up (with ice cool mint) by edjunkie.com


Like all the major players in the energy drink game Hype is not resting on its laurels. They have several different drinks and now are adding a couple more this year. The first one I received is their Energy Up drink. This is supposed to be a mixed berry with a mint finish. Sounds very interesting so let’s get to it.
Packaging: Hype energy up comes in the classic 8.4 oz slim can. The can has a really cool techno blue design for the label with the big silver Hype logo vertical up the front. I like how the energy and the UP are 2 different colors for contrast.The back has info in a couple of languages as well as the caffeine content clearly listed. This is a really nicely designed can. Not ground breaking but very smooth looking. Grade A-

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Hype UP review energyknr.blogspot.hu


Thank you this pack for the Hype.

The Hype UP is the newest Hype product.

Very conspicuous beacuse the big silver label.

I love this design. 

The taste is maybe strawberry with cool mint.

Very delicious.The drink is red.

It's a cool drink! I would like to try the other Hype-s.


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HYPE energy UP review by adamenergydrink.blogspot.com


Először is szeretném megköszönni a HYPE energiaital cégnek ,hogy időt szántak rám és küldtek két darab energiaitalt tesztelésre.
Kezdjük a dobozzal. A doboz alapszíne a kék ,ami a nagy szürke betűkkel dominál a HYPE felírat .
A dobozban pedig egy vöröses színű itóka található. Lássuk az ízét...

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Hype Energy Up review by sarahhatsgetestet.de


Wieder auf der Suche nach einem hippen Energy-Drink für euch, habe ich diesmal ein hypes Exemplar gefunden. Und zwar "Hype Up Energy". Ein einfacher, einprägsamer Name, der trotzdem vielversprechend klingt. Es handelt sich bei diesem Test nicht um den Klassiker, denn es gibt noch die Sorte "Hype Energy" und die Varianten Organic, MFP und Enlite.


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hype energy review from hottesttrendsetter.com


I love energy drinks, I cannot live without them. Well, I could... but I don't want to. Especially after finding the premium brand energy drink Hype. Hype Energy is THE VIP of Energy Drinks, with an unparalleled line of Energy Drinks. Hype will deliver a vibrant boost of energy with a premium sense of confidence and fun that is totally irresistible!

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hype energy review by thirstydudes.com


Being a Hype Man is no easy job, but what can you do? I was born a Hype Man and I’ll die a Hype Man. My mother tells me she met my father at a concert in the 80s. When I was younger she always led me to believe that my father was Grandmaster Flash, but years later it came out that while she was aiming for The Flash, she settled for Creole, the original Hype Man. Once I learned the true identity of my dad I became obsessed with becoming a Hype Man myself. I went so far as to pitch a reality show to VH1 that would star Flavor Flav, just so I could get a chance to meet him and ask him to mentor me. Needless to say, it worked. I spent years learning the tricks of the trade from “the clocked one.”

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hype energy review by tendencias.com


Lanzada en Estados Unidos en 1994 por Barry Cox, fundador del Hard Rock Café, Hype presume de estar entre las pioneras de las energy drinks’. Entre sus variedades, destaca, por su carácter único, la Organic, que, además del aporte de energía extra, ofrece más propiedades antioxidantes. De un solo trago, estarás tomando aloe vera, vitamina C, guaraná y zumo de manzana, un cóctel capaz de tonificar e hidratar hasta al deportista más exigente. Sin cafeína ni taurina, posee un sabor refrescante a fruta fresca y su color la asemeja más a un zumo de manzana que a cualquier otra bebida revitalizante.


push-upenergy.com hype energy drink review


Vorerst muss ich sagen, das sich Hype sehr um einen guten ersten Eindruck bemüht, was auch vollkommen gelungen ist. Das Paket hat eine lange Reise hinter sich, da es, laut Paketbeschriftung, aus Spanien kam. In der Box sind insgesamt 6 Getränke mit 5 verschiedenen Sorten vorhanden. Nochmal vielen Dank dafür.

Design: Hype bemüht sich auch sehr, was das Design ihrer Dosen betrifft. Diese hier hat einen blauen Hintergrund auf dem Sprüche von Hype (z.B.: Fühle Hype) in verschiedenen Sprachen stehen. Darauf steht groß senkrecht HYPE energy in silberner Schrift. Ganz oben steht MAXIMUM ENERGY...


savedbygraceblog.com hype energy drink review


Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up and many people reach for an energy drink. A really great tasting one that I have found is Hype. Hype is energy with Vitamins and no preservatives. The flavors include Original flavor, Cranberry and Elderberry and Enlite, Original flavor that is low calorie. Hype also offers something unique in the energy drink market: an organic, taurine, coloring and preservative free variety...


colleen richman review of hype energy drinks


My husband is a firefighter and works 24 hour shifts. His schedule is tough, and often time requires some extra sleep on his days off. He likes energy drinks and was anxious to try these.
The original was his favorite, though he liked them all. He said they gave him an enourmous boost of energry very quickly, he hadn't even finished drinking the entire can before he could feel the difference in him...


hype energy MFP review by examiner.com


I really enjoy Hype's drinks, and have been looking forward to Hype MFP, a carbon fibered souped up version of their line. If there were spoilers and big plastic chrome rims made for energy drinks Hype MFP would be the ones sporting the bling. If I was ever caught racing a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII through the streets of Tokyo, this is the drink I would want to have in my custom cup holder. Everything about this drink screams speed.


familyofpolls.blogspot reviews hype energy drinks


Hype Energy introduces itself as more than just an energy drink. Their drinks range from fruity, to a shot, to organic. Being one of the first energy drinks to hit the market in 1993, is distribute in more than 40 countries, but originally started in France. Created by the Hard Rock Cafe founder Barry Fox, the motor-sport scene immediately picked up on it, including the Formula One lifestyle...


possessedbycaffeine.com hype energy MFP review


I really enjoy Hype's drinks, and have been looking forward to Hype MFP, a carbon fibered souped up  version of their line. If there were spoilers and big plastic chrome rims made for energy drinks Hype MFP would be the ones sporting the bling. If I was ever caught racing a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII through the streets of Tokyo, this is the drink I would want to have in my custom cup holder. Everything about this drink screams speed.


chaoticcantrells hype energy drinks review


We had the opportunity to review some Hype Energy Drinks. My husband loves energy drinks because he works the night shift a lot. They were very good and crisp. I loved the black one because it was more on the fruity side. My husband loved the fact that they gave him more energy than other competitors without feeling jittery. Another great thing about them is that they contain 10 different vitamins...


wirprobieren.com hype energy organic review


Max from wirprobieren.com thinks Hype Energy Organic is the BEST energy drink he has EVER tried. Check out the full video review here: http://wirprobieren.com/video/hype-energy-drink/


possessed by caffeine hype energy organic review


Although Hype Energy drink has been around a very long time, I have always shied clear of it. I think it was the combination of the packaging and that you could only really find these on EBAY. It just looked like another me-too drink that would probably taste like Red Bull, profit in MLM schemes and be generally not worth it. I could not be more wrong.


screamingenergy.com hype energy organic review


Today we're reviewing a rather effeminate-looking Hype Energy Organic. I know, men can wear pink, and carry around pink cans, but traditionally they don't, or they get picked on and bullied. Believe me, I know, I wore pink to youth group last week....


edrinktests.blogspot.com.es hype energy review


Its have really cool looking can, it stand out from other energy cans. This is the regular Hype, full of vitamins, ginseng and guarana. The drink, which consists of the superfine stocks, gives a natural fruity flavour stroke: elder and cranberry. The guarana provides a stimulating effect for your body and your mind, the taurin encourages the cerebral function. The caffeine adds a little stroke to the day...


hype energy review: drinktests.de


Our friends from drinktests.de in Germany gave Hype Energy an overall rating of 3.5/5. Read the full review in German by clicking on the link below:


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